TIPS for T/those wishing to be sold
So, you want to be sold ? hhhhhmmmmm?
Remember, it is up to you to tempt the buyers!
We attract various types of buyers from experienced Masters/Mistresses and Doms/Dommes to newbies. Have a clear idea of what type of winner you wish to attract
Firstly - READ the RULES - know what you are getting into.
Click here for the rules.

is not just to be sold; the winner gets an hour of your time to do as they please within your limits..

- before you go on the block have your description ready
- a good pic in your profile will help
- know your limits.

A well presented descriptive post will increase the price you go for ; and may well attract that special buyer you have your eye set upon.

A Word on limits:
If you say 'no limits' you are literally allowing the buyer to do as they please with your body and your mind. This could involve things such as: scat, children,suffocation,cutting, burning, amputation, asphyxiation - dogs elephants kangaroos dwarves monkeys - get the picture?

Many buyers will want to know if you have access to a webcam, mic, or even phone.
You should be specific when stating your limits if these are available to the buyer.

Some buyers may want you to share in a 3some,( or more)

Some buyers are looking for a bi girl state if men and women may bid

you should consider all these factors in advance of going on the block.

and finally, it helps the buyers if you increase your font size( and use a different colour) when on the block - this allows your posts to stand out from other room posts.


stepping on the block :
she steps to the block,slender bare feet padding across the cool floor. With a toss of red curls she lifts her head. Her feet climb the steps;her slender body swaying sensuously beneath the thin silks that hug her form. Deep green eyes turn to the crowd, her gaze sweeping over the faces as she smiles softly. Soft hands move over her body, caressing the ripe curves to accentuate them for viewing

description and limits :
36C /28/ 38 , lush and soft to the touch. 5 feet and 8 inches , 125 pounds, aged 33
prefers men but is prepared to be be shared with bi girls
limits are: no children, no bathroom play (but beastiality is encouraged) I have a mic- No phone No cam .. men and women may bid

It helps the auctioneer if when you join him on the block you tease the buyers and continue to do so during the bidding ... just keep your posts short and explicit and help drive the bidding along

The Auctioneer may award to second highest bidder if
1. the winner attempts to trade of hand over the girl after the auction (see below)
2. the winner is outside the girls limits e.g:
if male wins and only females allowed to bid (or vice versa), or the girl asked for Doms and a girl wins
3. the winner is called away (or runs) at the end of the auction
4. the winner is on the girls ignore list

You do realise that although you are giving yourself to the winner for one hour you have rights ... to have your limits observed and not to be serioulsy abused ... if the winner oversteps your limits then please tell them they have .. and if it continues leave them and report it to the auctioneer or another admin .
If a buyer does not respect your limits tell the auctioneer

If the buyer does not intend to use the girl on offer .. he should not bid. You have shown a lot of nerve standing on the auction block and do not deserve that kind of treatment . It has detered girls from standing again and deters others in the room from standing. If we show you girls some respect we will continue to attract more girls to the auction block.

If a buyer attempts to trade or hand you over to another without your consent after the auction is over, the auction should be awarded to the second bidder. If you have a novice auctioneer in charge refer them to this rule

Please be aware that males are notoriously hard to sell. and many go unsold..
If you are male, and want to increase your chances of being sold - then you should spend a few minutes to create a good impression with the ladies. It definitely helps your saleabilty if you do some chatting in the room before offering yourself for sale. Work on your profile, prepare a good description to post on the block .. intrigue the ladies.... tempt them.
Tempt the mind and the body will follow...... *wink*

Almost impossible to sell. Please contact the auctioneer he may be able to post an offer in the room or invite you to post a description .

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